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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review: Shoplet 12-Pocket Stadium File & SuperTab Files #taxseason

With tax season here, I wanted to get a little more organized, so I decided to try the 12-Pocket Stadium File from Shoplet. We use it to store our tax documents for the past 7 years. I like that it keeps everything in one place and it's super light-weight which makes it easy to transport, whether we're taking it to another room in our house or to our tax accountant's office. 

The first time I opened the Stadium File, it took some stretching to get the slots ready for my SuperTab file folders, but after a couple of stretches, it was perfectly easy. I wasn't sure how stable it would be initially, but the Stadium sits upright on it's own and holds all twelve files full of papers without any trouble. It feels really great to have our taxes organized and in an easy-access fashion! For those of you who are fans of the 3-in-1 folders, we also used the 3-in-1 SuperTab Section Folders for some of our tax year files, too. They fit well into the Stadium File and kept some of our loose papers more secure. I prefer the SuperTab brand because the material quality is better than other 3-in-1 files we've purchased in the past. 
What do you do to get organized?

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  1. I could put these to good use! I've been working to organize all of the papers that pile up on my desk.

    1. It's been so helpful for us! We have the same paper problem. :)

  2. This is a good idea.Every year we dread tax preparation and we vow to be more organized so it goes smoothly. this is a nice way to organize things.