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How to: Stop Keurig Leaking #reusablefilter #coffeemaker

We've been using our Keurig for years and we really love it. We've even switched to a reusable mesh filter to make it more environment-friendly. However, there are two questions that always pop up with the Keurig reusable mesh filter:

            • How much coffee should you use? 
            • How can you stop the cascading waterfall that results when the basket is loaded? 

These answers are so easy it's surprising they're not just stamped on the filter itself, or on the basket that holds it.

The mesh filter is the same size as the interior of a regular k-cup. Fill it, level it, and you're good to go. I wasn't sure until I cut open an unused k-cup to pour that coffee into my refillable one. Yep, same size. So the refill itself is the measuring device.

This is the filter we use.

The water running down the outside of the basket when in use is because the foil seal on the top of k-cups is tough to imitate. That seal is slightly pliable but the lid that screws on the top of the basket that holds the mesh filter is not, allowing water to flow around it. To stop the water, a regular, run-of-the-mill rubber band around the basket is the key. Yep, just a normal rubber band, pushed up under the lip.

We hope this helps you!