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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: Moustache Club Coffee #freshroasted #moustachecoffeeclub

As my husband always says when it comes to coffee, "It's all about the freshness of the bean!". He takes his coffee very seriously and I'll fully admit he has a better palette when it comes to a cup a joe. While on my mission to find him quality coffee beans that we could grind and use at home, I stumbled across The Moustache Club Coffee. The name alone was fortuitous, as only a month ago he attended a friend's moustache party, bearing a gift of the exact moustache mug that can be seen on their site.

The package arrived in a simple box labeled with their logo, along with a quick reference sheet and a long letter describing the coffee beans and giving a little background about where they came from. I asked my husband to grind the beans and make a cup without looking at the description. I wanted to see if he could taste the notes that were listed on the quick sheet.

 As soon as he started grinding the beans,
the entire house smelled amazing.
The first and strongest flavor he noted was cocoa. the second he guessed to be orange and pomegranate (very close guess). When I showed him the results below he immediately gave the "Oh yeah, that's what it is!" response:

All in all, this is a bold coffee with a richness to it that is hard to find around here. The beans certainly passed my husband's freshness test and he's given it the green light to try others. When we looked at the pricing for a year's worth of coffee on the website, we were surprised at how reasonable it is. In comparison to office coffee dues and the runs to the local coffee shop, this would definitely be a way to save money without giving up quality.

The story of how the Moustache Company came about is an interesting read. Here's a little blurb to entice you:

"In the Beginning

The Moustache Coffee Club was founded after Sean spent a morning going from coffee shop to coffee shop in LA trying to find a bag of good beans that were roasted in the last week. After visiting 4 different coffee shops in a city renowned for its coffee roasters and failing in his mission he decided that there must be an easier way."
Read the rest!

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Disclaimer: As always, our reviews are our own, honest opinions and may differ from yours. We are appreciative to The Moustache Coffee Club for allowing us to review their coffee.


  1. I love coffee and have never heard of this, I have to try it!

  2. I bet that my husband would love this coffee. It sounds like a good Father's Day gift.