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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dorfman Pacific Tropical Trends Brimmed Sunhat Review

Now that we're full on into summer season, it's time to break out the floppy hats! I just received a very chic floppy sunhat from Dorfman Pacific that will be perfect for the pool this year. It's called the Tropical Trends Brimmed Sunhat and it's made with a paper braid which is trendy and practical. It has a self sizing tie to adjust to your head size and comes in an all natural with four different trim color options: black, tea, turquoise and fuchsia. I went with fuchsia since I think it's a great summer color. It's the type of hat that will go with any summer outfit. It looks great with my swimsuit and wrap at the pool or with a sundress. I was surprised when I found out that Dorfman Pacific sells this style for $25. I feel like that's a pretty great deal for the quality.

 On top of all its fashion benefits, this hat is supposed to carry the UPF Sun protection factor of 50 plus! It's so important to protect your skin from the sun and a hat this size is one of the best ways to do that. One of my favorite things about this hat though is the fact that you can shove in in your beachbag or roll it up and toss it in your luggage and it completely bounces back into shape when you take it out. 

Check It Out! 

 Disclaimer: As always, our reviews are our own, honest opinions and may differ from yours. We are appreciative to Dorfman Pacific for allowing us to review their product.


  1. I would love one of these to where to the pool. We take our son to the pool every Saturday morning and this would be great.

  2. Those sunhats are so pretty! I love the beach but I hate being in the sun, so I'll have to get something similar to protect my face.

  3. I love the blue trim! Matches my bathing suit!

  4. Thanks for checking out our post! I agree with you, Rachael, love the beach, hate the sun damage that comes with it. I'm loving this hat. :)