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Friday, July 26, 2013

Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Since moving to DC my husband and I have come to love taking weekend trips to the wineries nearby. Often times we’ll partake in the wine tastings to learn a little more about wine etiquette and proper storage. Although one of the most important tips that has been stressed at several wineries is the importance of temperature, we find it a hassle to mess with an ice bucket. Turns out, someone else felt the same way and invented the Corkcicle
The Corkcicle makes it super easy to maintain the proper temperature of your wine. To use it, toss this sleek looking icicle in the freezer until you need it. Then when you're ready, insert it in your bottle of wine to keep it chilled while you enjoy a nice glass of white wine. You can also use it to cool your red wine as well. Besides making it easy to cool your wine, the Corkcicle is completely resusable.

I browsed the Corkcicle website to see what else they offer since I like this product so much. Turns out, you can choose different colors and styles, and also customize them! I immediately thought of what a fantastic wedding shower favor the customizable stoppers and caps would make. Check them out!

Disclaimer: As always, our opinions are our own and may differ from yours. We are appreciative of the Corkcicle product we received for review.


  1. These are a great idea and nice that you can customize. They look pretty neat too.

  2. This is really cool. I like that it is reusable. I want one in orange!

  3. I've seen these...was curious but now even more so :0)

  4. Very cute, it would make a nice gift!