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Friday, April 5, 2013

Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts Giveaway!

I wish I had known about  Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts when I lived in a dorm and in an apartment building that required me to walk down the hallway to do laundry. It would have been amazing to grab one of these little pods and walk to the washer instead of lugging an entire bottle of detergent around with me! Everything about these PowerBlasts screams convenient. We love using them at home. We've been hooked on dishwasher pods for a while now, so washer pods are right up our alley!

So, how do Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts work?

  1. Drop in one PowerBlast pod for a normal load, 2 pods for a large or heavily soiled loads
  2. Add laundry on top
  3. Turn on washer as normal
It was that easy. The pods dissolve completely in the wash, even in cold water, releasing the active detergent throughout the wash, resulting in deep down clean laundry which is free of any packaging materials.  

Why do we love Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts? Let us count the ways...
  • And average washload contains 20x more hidden body oils and sweat than visible stains-disturbing fact! Wisk PowerBlasts attack the hidden body oils and sweat, leaving clean, fresh, and lightly fragrant clothes
  • Patented Micro-Cleaner formula that seeks out the sweat and body oils that other detergents don't address; when you learn that the average person produces 1-3 gallons of sweat a week, suddenly the right detergent becomes a lot more important!
  • The PowerBlasts are safe for both standard and HE machines
  • Great smell! We love the light fragrance of Wisk Detergent--strong enough to let you know it's clean without overpowering 
  • Small, but powerful!
If you'd like to give the Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts a try, you can find them in three sizes (24 ct, 48 ct, and 84 ct, at Walmart, Target, Food Lion, and other major retailers nationwide starting at $5.99. Don't forget to stop by the Wisk Facebook page to grab a $1.00 coupon while the promotions lasts!

Wanna try Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts for free? Enter our Giveaway below!

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  1. Awesome! I use this type of product in my dishwasher, it is time saving and I will try these for the laundry. Thanks for the post.