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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Affresh Cleaning products...Giveaway!

At long last, we have made it into a 60 degree weekend here in D.C.! The gorgeous weather has made springing ahead much easier to take. In fact, we were so energetic that we decided to get a jump on our spring cleaning. While my husband cleaned out the garage, I tackled the kitchen with my Affresh cleaning supplies that arrived this week. I hadn't ever used Affresh products before, and in total I tried the Stainless Steel Cleaner, Cooktop Cleaner, Kitchen and Appliance Cleaner, Dishwasher Cleaner, and Washer Cleaner.

As many of you know, we built our home a little more than eight months ago. It was so fun to choose all of the cabinets, counter tops, appliances and fixtures. As much as we love our new kitchen appliances, there are some struggles when it comes to cleaning our glass top stove. No matter how much elbow power I put into scrubbing it or how much special cleaner I use, marks and stains still seem to show. While my expectations were low that anything would help, trying Affresh Cooktop Cleaner couldn't hurt, right?

Affresh Cooktop Cleaner
I poured some of the cleaner on and used the special sponge that came with it. I have never seen the stains and marks wipe away as easily as they did with this stuff. I barely put any effort into scrubbing at all. I used a paper towel to wipe the cleaner off, which revealed a sparkling cook top!
leave cleaner on for one minute
wipe clean in circular motions
with a cloth or paper towel

Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner
Next on my list was the stainless steel appliances. The constant battle with water dribble from the fridge dispenser and fingerprints on just about all of our appliances drives me crazy. I clean them A LOT. I'd say the Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner was just as effective as my usual brand, with the added bonus of smelling citrus fresh. Personally, I love the citrus smell versus the sterile smell of most cleaners, so this was a win for me. I'd love to try the Affresh Stainless Steel Wipes.

Affresh Kitchen and Appliance Cleaner 
I used this to wipe down the inside of the fridge, microwave, Kitchen Aid mixer, and even the Keurig. It works well and had a great scent.

One of the most important recommendations we were given by our home builders was to keep up with routine maintenance of appliances. We want our appliances to last as long as possible, and have taken this advice to heart. The Affresh Dishwasher and Washer Cleaners make this super easy to do. 

Dishwasher Cleaner-Once a month, toss one tablet in your dishwasher basket and run it through a normal cycle. It helps reduce mineral build up.

Washer Cleaner-Use one tablet, once a month to protect against odor, mold, and mildew.

Ready to get a jump on your Spring cleaning? 
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  1. the shower and drapes debbie jackson
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  2. I'd choose the shower as one of my answers, too!

  3. Everything, lol! I really hate cleaning trash cans and the inside of the stove...just soo much work!

  4. The stove is always the toughest thing to clean!

  5. the bathroom.... I hate cleaning the bathroom
    Sherri L

  6. I think anything in the bathroom is winning this survey :)

  7. I want to try this for my cook top!

  8. i hate the bathroom

  9. I hate cleaning bathrooms..especially the toilet

  10. Thanks to all who took the time to enter!