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Monday, July 22, 2013

Family Tree Wall Decal from Dezign with a Z

In our search for wall decor to decorate our new home, we came across the Dezign with a Z website and found several  wall decals that look amazing. The decal is called Family Tree, and as you can imagine, it allows you to place photos in the decal to place on the wall. It's the perfect personal touch for our home and we love the fact that it is unique.

The decal arrived in a long tube and rolled out easily without any creasing. Although it came with directions, they recommend watching the demo video on their site, especially for large wall stickers. After watching the demo with my husband, we had an attack plan. First, we decided where we wanted to place the decal. We used a pencil to mark of the top corners, so that we could line up the decal correctly on the wall. Then we peeled the white backing away from the top of the decal and stuck the decal to the wall, lining it up with our pencil parks. After the top was attached, we peeled the rest of the backing away and smoothed down the entire decal.


Dezign with a Z includes a plastic tool which helps to smooth out all of the air bubbles. This is important because it helps the decal stick to the wall and avoids any crinkling as you apply it. Once it was nice and smooth, we VERY slowly peeled away the sticky top plastic, leaving only the tree decal on the wall. It took about 45 minutes and a lot of patience due to the intricate design, but was totally worth it! Originally we planned to place our pictures behind the tree decal before placing it on the wall. However, we want to be able to change the pictures, so we decided to add them after instead. Now that we see how impressive this family tree looks, we've decided to order a few new pictures from the holidays to fill the frames. You can already see how amazing it looks with the little ones added to it!

Dezign with a Z offers this and many other decals in a variety of colors and sizes. The products they offer are amazingly creative. A few of our favorite wall decals are the coat rack, clocks, and mirrors, which actually function! We definitely recommend this site to our readers looking to decorate their homes.

Disclaimer: As always, our reviews are our own, honest opinions and may differ from yours. We are appreciate Dezign with a Z for allowing us to review their product.


  1. this is awesome! such a unique way to show off photos, I can definitely see this being a great conversation starter :)

  2. That is super cute! I WANT this!

  3. Very clever. I've just started piecing some of our picture albums together, bet I could do a "grandparent" tree...I may have to work that idea out, I'd love to have everyone "together" in one place!

  4. This would be great in my game room!

  5. Wow, what a fabulous idea. I've never seen anything line this before.

  6. Wow! This turned out fabulous!
    We are really happy that you are enjoying the family tree wall decal and adding your own pictures to it.
    To be honest, we feel very thankful to be able to manufacture products that people love and that become a part of their everyday lives whether in their homes or offices.
    Again, thank you for accepting the challenge to review this item and thanks to all the readers for your nice comments!

    Paula Lavaud
    Dezign With a Z