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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Foam Factory Travel Pillows

With spring break and summer vacation just around the corner, the travel season is about to begin! My husband and I have a handful of trips we are looking forward to in the coming months, most of which require plane travel. When we lived overseas we relied heavily on travel pillows to help us sleep on our many journeys. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, we managed to lose them. And so begins our hunt for the perfect travel pillows!

Foam Factory has generously allowed us to review two of their products in our quest of the perfect travel pillow. We decided to try the Fiberfill Travel Pillow in aubergine and the Shredded Foam Curved Pillow with a selection of the memory foam option.

Fiberfill Travel Pillow

I already claimed this as my travel pillow before my husband even had a chance. The Fiberfill pillow is light-weight, which is very important to us when traveling.  It completely curls around the neck, keeping the pillow in place well. In comparing it to our old travel pillows, Foam Factory has design their pillow to extend into points on each end, which allows more support than typical travel pillows while sleeping. The faux suede cover is both soft and stylish. All in all, the Fiberfill Travel Pillow is exactly what I was hoping for to take with us on our lengthy plane, train, and car rides.

Measurements: 18"x9"x3-1/2"

Shredded Foam Curved Pillow

We have already decided that this pillow will be our car pillow. My husband and I have quite a long commute to work and love taking weekend drives to new places. Therefore, we spend a lot of time in our car. The memory foam Shredded Curved Pillow is a larger size than the Fiberfill Travel Pillow and quite a bit heavier, but very comfortable.  Again, the design offers a decent amount of head support because they’ve extended the corners into more of a traditional pillow shape, which allows a lot more room to rest.

Measurements: 23"x13"x4-1/2"

For us, choosing between these two travel pillows really depends more on the type of travel we will be doing. For our trip to Europe, I prefer the Fiberfill Travel Pillow. On the other hand, The Shredded Foam Curved Pillow has already made it into the backseat of our car for wherever our weekend car rides may take us. One final note, each pillow has a zippered cover, which means you can take it off to wash it. We find this exceedingly handy!
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Disclaimer: All of our reviews are own own opinions and may differ from yours. We are thankful to Foam Factory for allowing us to review their product. No monetary compensation was given.


  1. We have three trips planned this year, thanks for the info on lightweight pillows, this will come in handy.

  2. We really like the shape of the lightweight pillow for traveling. It's really comfortable!