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Monday, November 5, 2012

Kushyfoot Flats to Go and SlipperSocks!

If you've ever had those days where you just want to take off your heels and throw on a pair of slippers around the workplace, you should really check out these Kushyfoot  Flats to Go. Kushyfoot has taken the idea of the ballet flat and putting a super trendy twist on it with these Flats to Go. They are ultra portable because they fold up and come packaged in a plastic mini-purse pack that is the perfect size for your purse, car, or desk drawer. Secondly, they have a 3-dimensional massaging sole that is designed to give your heels relief.

I love the leopard print design and the soft fleece material! They would make a fantastic stocking stuffer or holiday gift. Flats to Go also come in a wide variety of stylish and classic colors, textures, and patterns.The best part is that they are only $9.99 a pair! In my neck of the woods, closed toe is a must right now, but for those of you lucky people living in warm weather or traveling to a resort any time soon, Flats to Go also offers sandal and open toe versions that look really comfy.

Kushyfoot also offers really cute slipper sock designs for indoors that I like to wear around the house because of how cold our hardwood floors can be in the winter time. Their slipper sock designs are simple and comfortable with a cute bow and strap along with anti-skid bottoms. My family has tradition of tossing slippers or slipper socks into each other's stockings each year. Not only are these designs comfortable and cute, they have a suggested retail of $4.49, so they will definitely be the pick for my mother's stocking this year! We don't have any college kids around our house yet, but I could see college girls really loving these for their dorms.

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