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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Grab N Go! Disney Themed Ready Pacs

Anything that can make life easier when it comes to kids is a big plus in my book. With that said, having the opportunity to try the Disney-themed Ready Pac Cool Cuts Mini Meals and Salads and share our thoughts with our readers was much appreciated! 

The first thing that leaped to mind when these Ready Pac meals arrived at our door was how fantastic they would be for traveling during the holidays. Being able to toss a healthy Disney-themed salad or mini meal in the travel bag cuts out the hassle of planning, preparing, and packing balanced meals for little ones. Any parents out there will agree that snacks are a must when traveling and anything that makes it easier is a win. While Ready Pac has a variety of On-the-Go products for adults and children alike, we've tried the Disney-themed products so far, so let me tell you a little more about each:
 Cool Cut Mini Meals:
Cinderella Apples, Ham & Yogurt- this package comes with crisp red and green apples that can be dipped into into creamy vanilla yogurt or eaten separately, along with smoked ham and string cheese bites. 

Pizza Bites- this package lets kids build their own mini pizzas with mini flat bread, pizza sauce, reduced fat mozzarella cheese, mini turkey pepperoni. They also include dried tart cherries as a sweet, after-meal treat.

Turkey, Crackers & Cheesethis package includes smoked turkey breast, crunchy carrots, sweet red grapes, wheat crackers, and Colby jack cheese-definitely a favorite for travel!

Veggies, Chicken & Pretzels-this package comes with chicken nuggets, petite carrots, broccoli florets, ranch dip and pretzels. The portion size is great for young children.

Cool Cut Salads:
Caesar Salad-This bowl  of classic Caesar salad is made with a blend of crisp romaine lettuce, hearty roasted chicken breast, a dried fruit blend, parmesan style cheese, crunchy multi-grain Caesar croutons, and delicious yogurt Caesar dressing. I realize these are designed for kids, but they totally appeal to me, too!

Harvest Salad-If it's possible to call any of their salad bowls especially kid-friendly, this one is it in my opinion! The Harvest Salad includes a blend of iceberg and romaine lettuces, smoked turkey breast, fresh diced apples, pretzels, carrots and fat free ranch dressing. It's such a fun salad that does a nice job of balancing itself into a healthy meal.

Pizzeria Salad-Perry Platypus is a big deal around here so this Ready Pac was already popular before it was even opened. This salad bowl  includes romaine lettuce, reduced fat mozzarella cheese, pizza flatbread chips, mini turkey pepperoni and a pizza ranch dressing. 


Ready Pac put a lot of thought into making these meals well-balanced and appropriate in portion size. Each package comes with a little prize for kids as well, as an added treat. I think the Disney theme with the food choices that kids love will appeal to even picky eaters! The salads have an organizer under the lid that keeps each topping neatly separated so that kids can add what they like, the way they like. We recommend these Ready Pacs for on-the-go or to make a meal a little easier around the house!

Be sure to check out Ready Pac’s holiday campaign! They have partnered with Feeding America for the campaign, titled “Like to Fight Hunger”. It is a Facebook campaign, where fans are encouraged to “like” the Ready Pac Cool Cuts page and for each “like” Ready Pac will donate one dollar, which is equivalent to eight meals, to Feeding America. It’s a simple task that makes a big difference for those in need!

Please help such a great cause this holiday season. You can find Ready Pac’s Facebook page by visiting

Disclaimer: As always, our reviews are our own, honest opinions and may differ from yours. No monetary compensation was given to write this review.


  1. These are very cool My daughter would love these for her school lunch

    1. They are awesome for school lunches. I want to try their other Ready Pacs for my own lunches. :)

  2. The pizza bites are my favorite. I think the kids would enjoy making their own pizza.

    1. Kids love the pizza bites! I think it's partly the opportunity to create them. :)

  3. Very nice and easy to pack!