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Friday, October 12, 2012

Crooked Arrows

Crooked Arrows is a fun movie for everyone in the family. It's an inspiring underdog story about a coach who reluctantly takes on the job of coach to a Native American high school lacrosse team. It leads to an unlikely journey to the state championship game against their prep school rivals. The movie shows many spiritual traditions of lacrosse and shows Native American culture in a positive light. I don't want to give away too much of the movie, we enjoyed watching it as a family and cheering on the underdog!

 Crooked Arrows (Blu-ray and DVD)

Special Features:
·       Commentary featuring Mark Ellis, Steve Rash, and Neal J. Powless
·       The Story of Crooked Arrows
·       Keepin’ it Real: Crooked Arrows Lacrosse
·       Native American Lacrosse – A Crooked ArrowsTribute
·       The Game of Life, Heart, and Soul of the Onondaga
·       Crooked Arrows Theatrical Trailer


Crooked Arrows Blu-ray
Street Date:                      October 23, 2012
Screen Format:                16:9
Audio:                                English TBC DD
Subtitles:                           English, Spanish
U.S. Rating:                      PG
Total Run Time:               02:19:33/ 02:16:37 (DVD)
Closed Captioned:          Yes

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