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Friday, September 7, 2012

Pilot Products at has everything you need for school and office supplies! I love shopping for supplies like pens and markers around this time of year because you can find excellent deals and sales. One of my favorite brands which they carry is Pilot.

Pilot is known for top quality writing products, but did you know they are eco-friendly as well? Check out these products below. You can order them at They offer fast, free shipping on orders over $45 as well!

VBoard Master Whiteboard Markers-All you teachers out there are going to love these refillable Dry Erase Markers! They outperform competitor brands and have earned top marks from 96% of participants in the K-12 educator study. They are refillable up to 4 times with cartridges, offer vivid, dense writing which makes writing clearly visible from a distance, and are available in 5-pack color pouches. What is extra cool is that they are made from 91% recycled materials! I love finding amazing products that are great for the environment, too.

Pilot G2-07 Black Pen- This pen is the #1 selling retractable gel ink rolling ball pen in the U.S. I love how smoothly gel ink pens seem to write when I use them. This pen writes 2x longer than other leading gel pens, and is super smooth flowing!

B2P M Black Pen-The world's first pen made from recycled bottles! How cool is that? This pen really makes a positive impact on our environment! Gotta love that it's made in the USA-Jacksonville, Fl to be exact!

FriXion Point Blue Pen-This unique gel ink pen erases completely time after time using heat generated from friction. It comes in a variety of colors. I'm really impressed by how well this pen works to completely erase what I've written!  It's not harsh on the paper, so I don't need to worry about paper tears. The extra fine point gel roller is especially nice as I write because it is so smooth flowing. Worth a try!

FriXion Light Yellow ERASABLE Highlighter- This one is new to me! I've never seen an erasable highlighter before. It's the same thermo sensitive ink techonology as the FriXion Point pens. Don't worry about wear and tear on your paper with this highlighter, it erases completely!

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  1. Recycled Pens? Love it! I'll have to give B2P a closer look!

  2. I love pilot pens. They are one of my favorites.

  3. Love the recycled option! I will have to look for those.

  4. nice! my guy goes back to school in the morning :)

  5. I ned the FriXion washable highlighters for a project!

  6. Cool stuff! My trash bags came from Shoplet! :)