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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beacon Hill Farm Luxury Holiday Cottages

Meg's Lake at Beacon Hill FarmBeacon Hill Farm

The beauty of nature is something to enjoy, but not the harshness of nature. My husband and I like nature on our terms. From the comfort of over a dozen self-catering cottages at Beacon Hill Farm to choose from, there is an abundance of nature to enjoy in Northumberland, UK that are right up our alley. What appeals to us about Beacon Hill Farm is that the land is beautiful, perfect for walking and hiking, or simply enjoying a good book (the cottages come furnished with books! How awesome is that?) at the beach. Also, the coast is within walking distance and the other cottages are close enough to recognize kindred spirits, but far enough apart to keep that special feeling of a vacation without tourists.

The cottages rate 4 or 5 stars and sleep between 4 and 6 people. They're meant to be cozy in true style, like a fully furnished country home that would be featured in House and Garden. The Curlew Cottage is the quintessential English cottage to me.

Beacon Hill Farm Sauna

They offer amenities are all around. Meg's Lake for fishing, a challenging trail run (It's called the Harry Potter Trail which appeals to me on so many levels...), football pitch, croquet, cricket, tennis, and a cool ropes course. If you need to get out of the sun there is an indoor rec room for the kids, and even better, and indoor spa and full gym for the adults. Beauty treatments, anyone? Plus, horses and ponies are nearby to the property for rental, even in the winter. Wi-Fi is included, but I for one like to check out and shut down  when I leave the office for a vacation, so a choice between a good book beside a roaring fire or checking bad news from around the globe... there's really  no choice at all.

CroquetBeacon Hill Adventure Play AreaTractors

We could all use a little more vacation in our lives. A UK holiday sounds like the perfect getaway right about now! You can get rates and availability info. on their website if you want to plan a trip as well. 

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Website: Beacon Hill Farm

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  1. that looks beautiful and very relaxing! I wish I had another vacation planned for this summer!

  2. Scenery and the architecture look absolutely beautiful.

  3. I'm not sure what I am loving most. Just the thought of a vacation sounds good to me.

  4. Ha, Crystal, I totally agree. Thanks for checking out our post, all!

  5. Looks absolutely GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful place to stay.

  7. Wow.Beautiful and relaxing place to stay.Northumberland is one of the best places in UK and I highly recommend this.

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  8. If ever I get to have a luxury vacation here, would bacon be free? LOL.

  9. This certainly looks worth taking a look at. It’s always good to have a new place to explore.

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