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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1907 Beds

Our family has finally settled in after the enjoyable (and sometimes not so enjoyable) stresses of building a new home. However, it seems the work has only just begun! It's amazing how long our list has gotten since moving into a bigger home and how much research goes into every purchase. In an effort to keep our sanity, we have decided to prioritize  and focus on our master bedroom first. Since I haven't bought a mattress in years, I had no idea just how many choices are out there! It's a little overwhelming. After a night of hopping from mattress store to mattress store, feeling totally unsure about which mattress was the "right" mattress for us, we decided it would be best to do some online research instead. 

One of the sites that we found really helpful is 1907 Beds. We found ourselves spending so much time on this site. It offers useful information about finding the right mattress for you, laid out in a very organized way. I wish I had stumbled upon this before going on our in-store mattress hunt! 

In the beginning stages of mattress hunting, start with their Buyers Guide. It clearly explains the differences between firmness and support, so that you can choose the mattress which will give you optimal sleep. The Inside Your Mattress tab lists and explains the variety of mattress filling out there and how each supports your body. Once you understand what you're looking for, you can compare their mattresses using a super easy chart that they provide. A major plus that I hadn't even considered before reading about it on 1907 Beds is that all of their mattresses significantly reduce our carbon footprint by using renewable or biodegradable resources wherever possible. With the size of mattresses, this is an important feature to us. Of course, they offer care instructions for mattresses as well. (I'm kind of embarrassed to say, I didn't know we were supposed to be turning our mattresses once a month!)

Environmentally Friendly
If you have even a few extra minutes in your day, you've got to check out their Sleep Blog. I loved the topics they offer, but one particular thread that brightened my day is called Top 10 Weirdest Beds EVER.They are hilarious!
Sleep standing up?
For UK residents, mattress delivery is free! After hearing how much each of the stores we visited tack on for delivery, I really appreciate that 1907 Beds offers this feature. They also offer shipping to any UK shipping port for orders outside of Mainland UK. After lots of reading and research with this site, my husband and I have decided we are definitely "Pocket Spring System" people, and now feel confident in ordering the right king size bed for our bedroom!

Disclaimer:  As always, our reviews are our own, honest opinions. We were monetarily compensated for this post. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. We NEED a new bed badly.

  2. I am not sure I could sleep standing up! But we do need a new bed here, too!

  3. I am not sure I could sleep standing up! But we do need a new bed here, too!

  4. I don't think I could sleep standing up.

  5. I know, I thought that mattress was so funny. Not sure what the benefits would be to it.

  6. I would love a new bed also..Don't think I could sleep standing up.

  7. I am actually searching for a new bed now,thanks for the info.

  8. Online research always helps specially when you don't know what is ideal for your situation, in my opinion everyone should do that before buying beds or mattresses as you don't such kind of things often.

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