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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bobble Bots

 When I originally heard of Bobble Bots, I didn't realize that they were connected to the Monstro City virtual online world that is so popular with many of the kids around here. When we were given the opportunity to review them, we couldn't wait for the package to arrive so we could see what all the fascination was about! We received the Coolio Bobble Bot Moshling, along with the Cobblestone Garden set, which comes with an additional Moshling. (Our Moshling was Professor Purple.) Reviewing Bobble Bots made for a great excuse to get together with a few friends and their little ones and let the kids give the toys a try.

 We opened the Cobblestone Garden and turned on both Moshlings, which ran around the garden non-stop. The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever and they were content to play with them for a solid 45 minutes, with very little interruption to our adult conversations. Isn't that enough to sell it right there? The set is definitely appealing to both boys and girls, and the garden pieces are fun to rearrange. 

When I went online to check out the other pieces we might be able to order to expand the set, I was glad to see that all of the sets hook together easily, so that the kids can have a whole Moshi Monster City to play with. The age requirements are for 3+, which makes sense because there are some tiny pieces that would be dangerous for little ones. We are happy with the quality of the pieces and were surprised they held up so well under a bit of rough play. 

Because the kids are so young, we didn't use the codes to let them play on the computer with the Monstro City online world game. Instead, we sent them to my nephew, who was VERY excited! 
If you're looking for Bobble Bots in stores, you're in luck! They sell them at most major retailers nationwide as well as on their website. The Bobble Bots Moshling Starter Set is around $14.99 and the individual Moshlings retail for around $5.99. 

Check them out at:
Official Site:

**Disclaimer: As always, our reviews are our own, honest opinions. We are appreciative Bobble Bots for allowing us to review their product. No monetary compensation was given. 


  1. My son loves Bobble Bots. It is so funny.

  2. I totally under estimated the excitement factor that the kids had with these toys! They're awesome!

  3. Great Sometimes i see very nice and easy created blogs but in the most ways they are very useful like your blog.

    1. I'm so glad you found our site useful! We always hope we can give opinions that will help others. :)

  4. My nephew would love this.

  5. Nice review! Excellent idea for gifts.

  6. Oh how cute! I agree,these would make a nice gift.