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Friday, June 22, 2012

New Nair Precision Face Roll-On Wax Kit

Since trying the new Nair Brazilian Spa Clay product line, it has totally renewed my interest in Nair products. I had seen the New Nair Precision Face Roll-on Wax Kit for a while now and I thought it would be so awesome if I could wax my eyebrows myself, instead of paying someone else to do it every few weeks. It's made of a water rinseable sugar wax and has a skin softening formula with white lily extracts. I'll admit, I have been a little nervous about using waxing products in the past. For some reason, having someone else do the waxing so that I don't know exactly when to flinch has made the ripping off of the strip much better for me. The reason I felt like I could handle it this time is that it comes with a roll-on applicator that made it look really easy. So here's how it went...

Step One: I heated the tube in hot water with the cap on to get the wax warm and melted. Easy enough! The hard part was taking off the cap and switching to the roll-on applicator before the wax cools too much. I got the hang of it though.

Step Two: Squeeze the tube to get the wax flowing and then test it on the back of your hand to be sure the wax isn't too hot and also that it is rolling properly. Now you know I wasn't going to just go right to town trying this on my eyebrows first, right? Instead, I gave it a test run on my leg, (totally not in the directions, just so we're clear) applying it in the direction of the hair. 

Step Three: Smooth  one of the wax strips over it, pull skin so that it's tight before you rip off the strip, just as the salon worker would do, and rip off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Ta-da! Perfectly smooth, and especially soft skin!

You can use Nair Precision Face Roll-On Wax Kit on facial hair, upper lip, and eyebrows. I have since tried it on my eyebrows and definitely use the precision stick that comes with the kit to help me. I am starting to feel more confident in my abilities to use it on my eyebrows, but still working on my shaping technique. It's definitely an easy product to use and with a little practice, I will definitely be saving on my trips to the salon! 

To learn more, go to and get lots of information!

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