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Friday, May 25, 2012

NEW Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Hair Removal Cream

I remember using Nair products about ten years ago and loving the results, but hating the smell of the cream so much that I couldn't use it anymore. That's why I was really excited to see that they had a new line out that uses a blend of Mango Butter and Acai Berry! I had high hopes that these two together would change that smell, and they did! It also contains mineral-rich clay, which makes for healthier, smoother skin. After reading the directions on how it works, I decided to try it because it sounded really easy. The 13 oz pump bottle comes with a sponge to apply the cream and massage it off when you're ready.

Test: First, I squirted the cream onto the flat part of the sponge and spread it all over my dry legs. It said to put a thick amount on, but I did a thinner layer, just to see how it felt. (Obviously, you should test your skin first before using any skin products, but I was impatient!) As soon as I put the cream on both of my legs, I noticed two things. 

1. It smelled kind of fruity with a very faint smell of hair salon as well
2. It tingled a bit, almost like there was menthol in it

I left it on for one minute as the directions instructed, then I hopped in the shower and washed my hair like normal and put conditioner on. I noticed that as soon as I got into the shower, the faint hair salon smell was gone because of the shower products I was using. In the time it took to shampoo and condition my hair, 2 minutes had passed and I was able to grab the little sponge to massage the Nair Removal Cream off my legs. 

Result: Smooth, soft, great smelling legs! This took so much less time and effort than shaving would have and the results were just as good if not better. If you haven't tried this new Nair line yet, you definitely should. It's dermotologist tested and really reasonably priced. (This particular product costs around $9.99.) They have some other products in this same line that look really interesting as well:

Nair Brazillian Spa Clay Roll-on Wax (I want to try this! It's supposed to last up to 8 weeks.)
Nair Brazillian Spa Clay Sensitive Face Hair Removal Cream 
Nair Precision Face Roll-On Wax Kit

If you want to check out their other products, you can go to and get lots of information!

Nair Brazilian Beauty Challenge!
Nair has partnered up with Conde Nast to create an amazing giveaway. They will choose one winner to win a trip to New York City, a $2,000 shopping spree with a Conde Nast stylist, and the full line of Nair Brazilian Spa Clay products. You can visit for the official rules of the challenge, which takes place from May 4-July 31, 2012. 

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